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The mission of HERE yoga & mindfulness center is to support students in cultivating an awakened presence within a caring and inclusive community. The classes we offer emphasize the inner yoga arts. Meditation, pranayama and self-reflection are integrated with yoga’s physical practice. It is our highest priority to create a safe and supportive space for each student’s journey and growth.

I believe the yoga postures (asanas) are a gateway to bringing the mind into calm awareness. Classes weave together the asanas with breathing techniques called pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic wisdom.

Classes are temporarily suspended at Open Space. 

Online Classes Through Zoom

Offered on a sliding scale donation basis. You can donate 3 ways.

1)You can donate any amount via paypal button below
2)You can use a class card. See tuition button below. (You need to send me an email each time you want to use a punch on your card)
3)You can buy an unlimited one month card. (come to as many classes as you want in the one month period. You do not need to let me know when you are taking class.)
4)mailing a check



tuition options

Tuesdays:8:30am–mindful flow yoga
Thursdays: 8:30am –meditation with mindful yoga
Saturdays: 9am– mindful flow yoga

Contact me if you would like to be added to the live online class updates and receive Zoom invites

Recorded Classes

Saturday 4/17 Passcode: ^?9KtBY4

meditation & yoga 4/1 Passcode: 9H*%pBCK

mindful flow 3/23 Passcode: 8830x@#f





HERE is located at the Open Space. The Open Space for Arts & Community is located at 18870 103rd Ave.SW. Turn west off the highway at 188th St. Make your first left at 103rd ave. just past Sawbones. Go to the very end of 103rd. Park in the main parking lot, by the big O sculpture and enter through the main entrance.
Walk the grey squared carpet through to the atrium, turn right, then turn right again and go through door straight ahead past the room with couches, then through door on the left to go up the stairs. Yes, it will be a fun maze to go through the first time!

Schedule for HERE:

Mondays:      8:30am-9:45am              mindful flow                 all levels                        w/Ronly

Tuesdays:     9:30am-10:45am             mindful flow                 all levels                        w/Ronly

Tuesdays:     6:30-7:45pm                    open & align                 beginning                     w/Anneliese

Thursdays:   9:30am-10:45am             yoga and meditation    gentle                            w/Ronly

Thursdays:   6:30-8pm                         mindfulness lab (1/23/20-3/12/20)                   w/Keri

Saturdays:    9:00am-10:15am            mindful flow                 all levels                         w/Ronly

Description of Classes:

mindful flow:

This class integrates mindfulness with the asana practice. This means we flow from one pose to the next slowly and deliberately with keen interest and care. We pause throughout class to notice the effects the movement has on the mind and body and to adjust appropriately. Sometimes music is used to help enliven our inner graceful dancer while at other times we simply flow with the breath. All levels are welcome, but some introductory experience with yoga is recommended.

Open & Align:

With a focus on healthy alignment and mindful movement, this class will empower you to safely explore the reaches of your body. Classes include adaptations to the varied movement, supporting a diversity of body types and skill levels.
Anneliese helps students ignite their light through soulful movement, intentional breath work, and loving compassion for their bodies and spirits. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2015, but considers herself an eternal student of the healing arts.

yoga & meditation:

This class is a great entry level yoga and meditation class. We practice sitting, standing, lying and movement based meditation. The movement is slow and simple and is accompanied by breath awareness and practices.

mindfulness lab:

8-week series

Instructor: Keri Pederson

In this experiential  8 week course you will learn simple, yet very effective ways to better handle stress and difficulty, while also opening up to joy, gratitude, calm and connectivity. You will gain a deeper understanding of your mind, body and emotions and how they interrelate. You will learn practices for a lifetime to skillfully navigate through life’s ups, downs, and in-betweens.

The 8 week mindfulness series will cover:

Mindfulness of breath and body

Simple mindful movement

Practical mindfulness throughout the day

Navigating thoughts & emotions with mindfulness

Practices to nurture kindness and compassion

Mindfulness in communication and relationship

Keeping the practice alive

Keri Pederson began practicing mindfulness and meditation in 1998, and completed a four year teacher training program through Spirit Rock and the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA.  She leads mindfulness groups and offers classes and retreats through Seattle Insight.  Keri also works in elder-care and lives on Vashon with her husband and young son.

$75 + Dana for teacher (Dana is putting generosity into practice by donating what you are able) REGISTER BY JANUARY 15TH, 2020 BY USING TUITION BUTTON BELOW FOR “MINDFUL LAB”



1 hour customized practice:  $80
1.5 hour practice: $110
2 or more privates/week: $70/hour
2-5 people private class: $100
6-15 people private class: $150



sunset yoga mardejade


Visit the retreat page for information on upcoming retreats.


“Ronly is an  exquisite teacher. She holds a sacred space and place for both the individual and group. Yoga with Ronly continues to be extraordinary. I attribute much of my gained confidence, vibrancy, poise and sometimes even moments of elegance to what I now call, “Soul Yoga with Ronly.” – Louise Dorfman Olsen

The Peace Mantra from the Taittriya Upanishad:

May we be protected, May we be nourished, May we together be mentally strong. May we be luminous and filled with joy. May we work well together and not oppose each other. Let there be peace and serenity.

AUM saha navavatu, saha nau bhunaktu
Saha veeryam karavaavahai
Tejasvi naa vadhita mastu
maa vid vishaavahai
AUM shaanti, shaanti, shanntihi

our class closing mantra: Om Bolo Sat Guru Maharaja Ki–JAI! (honor to the great teacher within–yes!)