Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth


I recognize how important the development of self-regulation, and stress management is through the teen years. When youth are able to develop these skill they are less likely to turn to harmful substances and actions as a way to self medicate. My intention is to bring mindful movement programs to our island youth to promote the skill set of mindfulness, centering, relaxing and observing emotional states.

McMurray Middle School Yoga Club

Mondays, 2:45-3:45pm
2017-18 school year dates:

Session 1: 10/3-11/7
Session 2: 11/14-12/12
Session 3: 1/16-2/13
Session 4: 4/17-5/8

Mindful Movement: Through the Vashon Artists in Schools Program. In this workshop the students cultivate mindfulness through body awareness practices. This includes: breathing practices, body scan, relaxation, yoga and contemporary movement vocabulary.