Panchakarma (PK): A true Gem from Ayurveda

The whole body detoxification system known as panchakarma is beyond a typical cleanse. It is unique in that it removes fat-soluble toxins from the body and releases deeply held stagnant emotions. The intention of this cleanse is threefold: to move fat-soluble toxins out of the body and mind, to cleanse, repair and support our natural detoxification pathways, and to build digestive strength. The over arching intention, though, is to experience more self awareness, which is essential for deep healing.

Why we need to detox:

Environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, preservatives, undigested food, unprocessed stored emotions can all accumulate in our bodies. We don’t hesitate to tune up our cars by changing the oil, spark plugs, etc. Similarly, If we want our own vehicle to run well, we must do regular thorough cleansing.

The benefits are: anti-aging, removal of cancer-causing toxins, better digestion, more energy, less joint pain, elimination or reduction of allergies, reversal of chronic conditions, clearer brighter intellect, weight loss, keener senses, more presence.

We all possess natural detoxification pathways, but as we age and accumulate stress, our digestion weakens causing these pathways to become overloaded and stagnant.

PK is a cleansing technique that literally pulls the fat-soluble toxins out of the deep tissues, moves it back into the blood stream and then the digestive tract, where it is evacuated through purgation. This is a reversal of the disease process as understood in ayurveda.

How its done:

The approximately 2 week cleanse consists of a short pre-cleanse period with a simple low fat whole foods diet, a 7 day deep cleanse, and then finally a short post-cleanse to rebuild digestive strength.  During the 7 day cleanse, ghee is ingested every morning in increasing amounts. The ghee acts as a chelator for toxins and moves them out of the deep tissues. The diet of primarily easy-to-digest kitcharee during the main cleanse allows the liver to work on the toxins, while giving you enough protein to live your life. Various herbs for the liver, lymph, digestion and healing of the intestinal villi can be taken for support during your cleanse and will be determined at your consultation preceding PK. Vata, which functions as the nervous system and is the impetus for disease is pacified in PK by the deeply relaxing and supportive bodywork during this deep purification.

Meadow Heart PK program: 

There are 3 different options, which will be individualized further for you. choose from:

The full PK:

The most effective way to do Panchakarma is to give yourself plenty of time and space around the protocol.  Ideally, you would pick at least one week where you can thin out your schedule and give in to the process. It is recommended to have 3-7 days of the ayurvedic bodywork during the cleanse. It is also possible to do the cleanse as a retreat on beautiful Vashon Island, where I can connect you to a Bed and Breakfast for lodging.

Each day we will meet for a consultation and practice meditation/yoga together. Afterwards you will receive a two person abhyanga massage followed by shirodhara. Other techniques such as heart, eye, or low back bastis,skin brushing and cranio sacral will be added as needed. You will be served ayurvedic herbal teas and snacks. Typically, your treatment day will be 3-4 hours.

investment: $385/day

initial consult required before PK

Home Cleanse with Support:

Recognizing we don’t always have the time and resources for the full PK, a modified PK can be created for you as a home cleanse. We meet once to go over the protocol and customize the cleanse for you with one followup consult post-cleanse. It is also highly recommended to have one day of ayurvedic bodywork before the purgation. I will be available to you by phone and email for questions during the cleanse.

Group Cleanse Classes: 

In the Fall and Spring, I offer Cleanse Group Classes. We meet once a week for 3 weeks at my beautiful home yogi nest studio. In these meetings, we learn about the protocol, practice yoga and meditation together, learn how to eat a balanced diet post cleanse and share our struggles and insights. Go to “home cleanse” tab to learn more about upcoming classes.