The Mindbody Cleanse With Support


Group Mindbody Cleanse Workshop:

In these group classes we cover: cleanse protocol,  yoga, breathing and meditation for stress reduction, continuing healthy habits, and eating a healthy diet year round. You have the opportunity to share and learn from others in a supportive group setting. It is incredibly affirming to do this cleanse within a community of like-minded individuals intentionally raising consciousness and their well being.

The cleanse itself is one week with an additional week for pre and post cleanse protocol. We will meet 3 times for approximately 90 minutes. I will be available to you throughout the program for individual questions. Included is Ayurvedic oil for self-massage. Required reading: my new book written with Adrian Nowland, The Mindbody Cleanse: a 14-day Detox and Rejuvenation Program from Ancient Ayurveda.  The Mindbody Cleanse is available at the Yogi Nest, the Vashon Bookshop, Pure, Vashon Natural Medicine and Amazon. (Supporting herbs for the cleanse are optional and not included in the tuition.)

Fall Mindbody Cleanse Workshop:

Vashon: September 14th, 21st, and 28th. 6:30pm-8pm

Register by Sept.9th, 2016

Investment: $185
For repeat cleansers: $105
For couples: $330

mindbody group cleanse

Individual Home Cleanse:

This option gives you flexibility to plan around your schedule with added individual attention. We can meet in-person, by Skype, or phone.

Complete consultation with individualized cleanse protocol,  one post cleanse followup and short check-ins throughout: $285



Cleanse Class Testimonials:

“The cleanse was really good.  The body work in conjunction with the dietary regime has been transformative– very healing.  I feel at peace.”

“The workshop gently re-enforced “listening to myself”.   It made the cleanse calmer.  I felt incredibly supported.”

“Ronly, it was a powerful experience, enriching, calming, sharpening. thank you.”

“It was really informative and very powerful. Definitely noticed an effect- steady energy, very clear senses!”

“I found that the clarity was phenomenal on many levels-not only could I enjoy my children more but I can visualize how a future of changing major aspects of my daily life/diet that will be beneficial for longevity and allowing me to be my true and authentic self.”

“I loved the holistic nature-yoga, breathing, herbs, abhyanga and learning about Ayurveda.”

“I noticed a dramatic difference in my clarity of thought, my energy level, and my emotions- all for the better.”

“(I experienced) greater clarity, more energy, deeper dreamtime, less mood swings, more patience.”

“You did a fantastic job leading this- so much wisdom, compassion and elegance.”