About Ronly Blau

Ronly Blau

I originally came into a spiritual practice through yoga. The practice promoted a state of  relaxation and ease I had never known before and even more startling, introduced me to a new way of working with the mind and consciousness. The practice naturally heightened my interest in meditation and I soon found that the practices were deeply inter-enhancing. I am most grateful for the yoga guidance and influence of Kathleen Hunt, Angela Farmer and Sarah Powers. I have been teaching yoga since 2000 and am continuously fascinated by yoga’s evolving depth.

Yoga inspired a desire to go deeper into understanding and practicing meditation and I found the vipassana Buddhist tradition to be a supportive roadmap. I have attended numerous residential meditation retreats since 2004 along with completing the mindful yoga and meditation training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. An active participant in Vashon Insight, I am grateful for the guidance and support of our teacher Keri Pederson and our beautiful sangha.

A decades-long chronic illness led to my interest, practice and study of Ayurveda, which became the catalyst for my recovery. Ayurveda, often called the sister science to yoga, offers elegant and practical health guidance and is integrated into my retreats and overall context of creating yoga classes. You can check out the book I co-wrote with Adrian Nowland “The Mindbody Cleanse” which offers a highly effective Ayurvedic cleanse (panchakarma) enriched with yoga, meditation, pranayama and recipes in one accessible guide.

I am focused on supporting a nourishing, inspired, wise and compassionate community through HERE yoga private and group classes, workshops, retreats and through Ayurvedic health consultations. I look forward to meeting you where you’re at and supporting you on your evolving path.


“On my first session with Ronly, I was impressed by her level of observation. She saw to the core of my holding pattern and then gently guided me to become softer and more present both in my body and my heart. There is not a time that I don’t walk away from practicing with her a more embodied human being. She has an approach that is refreshing in this fast paced world!”

– Cristina Henriquez